WRITING SAMPLE – Pandemic Summer (Digital Storytelling)

Pandemic Summer (Digital Storytelling)

Pandemic Summer

Campaign includes: Instagram, Facebook, Blog, & HTML Email

Author: Anthony M Jennings, MA

Mar 20, 2020, My family and I reside in Illinois. We are within a week of my daughter’s third birthday. The kids’ schools are closed. My wife, although busier than ever, has stopped traveling for work. I am entering my Capstone semester at Washington State University in Strategic Communications, and the kids need homeschooling. The state of Illinois enforces a shelter-in-place order with social distancing to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Our Pandemic Summer journey begins with research. From March-May, my family followed the stay-at-home state order in Illinois. Each day my wife and I analyze information from local, state, and national media. The messages paint a grim picture of the Covid-19 pandemic. With all schools and clubs still closed through April and into May, my family and I make the difficult decision to pack the kids and road trip to Colorado and Utah, where we can live with family and get assistance with our daughters. We are fortunate, safe, and healthy. For a Chicago news example at the end of March 2020 (click here).

Until the end of May, I was concluding my fourth semester at WSU and homeschooling the kids, my wife and I needed time to plan, communicate with work, and pack. In May, we set forth on our journey to Colorado with pit stops at my family’s homes, practicing social distancing, and staying at home following CDC recommendations. My wife and I are strict proponents of staying safe through social distancing and taking all recommended precautions to keep others healthy. For updated CDC precautions, click here.

Thus, the summer semester of 2020 begins with a cross country trip and the first long car ride for our infant. As we approach our destination, Utah, “A SHELTER-IN-PLACE ORDER IS IN EFFECT FOR ILLINOIS THRU MAY 30” (source: click here). We decided to rent our house in the northern Chicago suburbs in Illinois, where confirmation of Covid-19 cases reaches 105,444 in the state (source: click here) according to data available on May 22 in comparison to 8,057 Covid-19 cases in Utah (source: click here). Visit this page or connect on social media for additional posts on the_pro_dad family happenings.

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