Master’s Capstone Project or Exam

COMSTRAT 701: Master’s Capstone Project or Exam
The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

COMSTRAT 701 is the final course in the MA Strategic Communication program at Washington State University. Throughout the Capstone semester, I received deliverables requiring proof of three core attributes: critical thinking, written communication, and creativity. In conjunction with the exam, the thirteen members of the summer 2020 Capstone cohort read and discuss Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success. For those who have not read the book, I highly recommend it.

 Gladwell, M. Outliers published by Bay Back Books (2011, Jun 7). ISBN: 978-0316017930 

To complete the MA Strategic Communication Master’s Capstone requires demonstration of understanding in the following areas:

  • Research methods 
  • Crisis communications and reputation management 
  • Professional ethics 
  • Persuasion in communication 
  • Brand and consumer behavior 
  • Multimedia content creation 
  • Storytelling across multiple channels 
  • Integrated campaign strategy and development 

The following projects were completed during the Capstone Semester