Professional Digital Content Promotion

COMSTRAT 563: Professional Digital Content Promotion

The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Drink It Beverage Company is a mock company created in Professional Digital Content Promotion, COMSTRAT 563, at Washington State University. COMSTRAT 563 is a test in writing application, critical thinking, and persuasion skills to promote PR and advertising in digital and social media outlets. The Drink It Beverage Company is an examination of different digital advertising technologies and the use of developing social media to study its moral use in both advertising and PR.

The Drink It Beverage campaign is an attempt to display ideas, principles, and tactics for writing for digital content, creating and executing a digital campaign, and understanding core concepts in tracking and measuring digital communications’ effectiveness. The Drink It campaign is optimized for search engines, social networks, mobile devices, and other non-traditional outlets. The campaign is a demonstration in writing, tagging, metadata creation, social network seeding, community engagement as web and social media-distributed multimedia content. The campaign captures data with website and social media analytics services, such as Google Analytics and Facebook, that track visitor behavior, page views, keyword, and third-party site referrals.