Ethics for Professionals

COM 563: Ethics for Professionals
The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Ethics For Professionals is a chance to question, reflect, and discuss challenging and thought-provoking topics. The course focuses on readings, research, and forum-based discussion, forcing a deeper understanding of others’ principles. The practice of communication with other established professionals in a safe online forum allowed me to improve in articulating my ethical perspectives during complex analysis. The course forces graduate students to discuss the ongoing complex investigation of right and wrong.

Sample Assignment:

Student Led-Discussion

Title: The NBA, Twitter, and Communication Ethics

Author: Anthony Jennings, Washington State University



Rosie, Perper (Oct 22, 2019). China and the NBA are coming to blows over a pro-Hong Kong tweet. Here’s why. Business Insider. Retrieved from

Prompts (Please select 1-2 and discuss)

  1. Codes of Ethics or Conduct can act as ethical oversight. Do you believe the NBA provides adequate supervision as it pertains to ethical communication and personal social media use for employees? Do you think the NBA or the Team owner has a responsibility to address the Tweet of a Team General Manager?
  2. Concerning the responsive actions of our Actors, do you believe the Houston Rockets Governor acted ethically in removing themselves from political affiliation with the Tweet by responding via Twitter? Is it the responsibility of an Organization (Team Owner in this situation) to address social media communication from an employee?
  3. A universalist approach, as discussed in Lesson 8 of COM 563, believes in a standard set of rules. Rules and ethical standards that apply across cultures. Do any universal ethical practices, or timeless virtues, refer to this situation?
  4. The Houston Rockets GM’s Tweet led to negatively impacted global business relationships and projected losses in revenue. Should the Houston Rockets GM lose social media privileges? In any situation, is censorship of employee personal communications ethically justified? Should all employees of an organization be allowed freedom to communicate via social media, and if so, should restrictions exist?

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Course Topics

Ethics Definition

Moral Development



Virtue Theory

(Interpersonal) Dialogical Perspectives

Organizational Communication and Ethics Codes

Intercultural and Multicultural Communication Ethics /