Crisis Communication in Global Contexts

COM 562: Crisis Communication in Global Contexts

The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

The following Crisis Communication research and planning demonstration is a semester-long effort in COM 562. The purpose of the plan is to promote my investigation and design of a Crisis Communication Plan applicable to the year 2020. As part of my graduate-level studies, this is an attempt to refine my expertise in public information strategies and crisis communication. In a society increasingly characterized by risks and crises, the requirements of communication leaders are becoming more critical and complex. Even the dilemmas faced by tiny, local businesses include national and global elements. If communication or brand reputation are handled inadequately, situations can swiftly move out of control. If the firm has a crisis communication plan and handles a crisis well, the impact can include mitigation of risk to the firm while reducing harm to the public. Contact me at if your company needs a Crisis Communication consultation.

This plan is for educational purposes and has not yet been implemented at JLM Interiors Inc. Thank you, JLM, for allowing me to perform research and create a Communication Plan.

Crisis Communication Plan Contents

  1. Crisis communication plan – standard components and outline of content
  2. Organizational vision, mission, identity and image
  3. Types of threats and crises
  4. Stakeholder management
  5. Crisis Management vs. Crisis Communication
  6. Joint Information Systems & Joint Information Center structure
  7. Crisis messaging strategies
  8. Media management
  9. Social media platforms: hazards and opportunities
  10. Identified Online Reputation Risk – Name/Brand confusion
  11. Contract Outcome –Feedback results low or need improvement (e.g. customer reports interior design, product, color scheme, or service not adequate)
  12. Logistics and product delivery concerns
  13. Risk Identified: Innovation
  14. Mock Social Media Design: Facebook & Twitter

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