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BEVERAGE COMPANY – EST 2020 DRINK IT! is a privately-owned single location non-alcoholic beverage company located in Libertyville, Illinois. DRINK IT! provides creative drinks on-the-go, including water, fresh fruit drinks, smoothies, soda, Italian soda, and other refreshing carbonated options with a plethora of mix-ins and sauces. The goal of DRINK IT! is to sell goods in the hospitality market while promoting a fun, hip, and community-oriented culture.

The concept comes from the minds of a husband-and-wife team residing in the Chicago suburb of Libertyville, Illinois. Living with two young children and always on the move. The group noticed a want to hydrate with healthy drinks not available through local fast-food restaurants. DRINK IT! is a concept not only wishing to raise revenue but also promotes giving back to the local community.

The subsequent campaign is a fresh design and implementation of the DRINK IT! brand concept. Company reach, engagement, impact, advocacy, and conversions are in the infancy stage. The campaign is necessary to build awareness and engage with potential Libertyville consumers. Short-term campaign benefits include the establishment of communication channels, metrics, and analytics reporting. Long-term outcomes will consist of an increase in the following: followers and engagement with potential consumers via Facebook and Instagram and an increase in visits to the company WordPress website. 

The following guide will cover campaign design and vision, campaign highlights (implementation), reporting metrics, and finally, campaign insights and reflections. 

[This is not a real company. This is a mock company website created for educational purposes as part of COMSTRAT 563 Professional Digital Content Promotion in The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. Created Spring, 2020.]


To reach the intended consumer market of Libertyville residents, the design and implementation of popular social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, are available at & In conjunction with social media communication channels, a WordPress at is the company website and home to blog posts. In addition to designing the Website, Facebook, and Instagram communication channels, HTML email is set up and available at A campaign goal with digital channel communication is to garner communication metrics analysis to understand better the Libertyville market and how to increase reach and engagement via strategic communications, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and HTML Email.

Campaign Vision

The mock campaign vision for DRINK IT! Beverage Company is to engage in visual storytelling and digital content creation, including a website, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), email marketing, and a blog for the fictitious beverage company. The rationale behind the strategic communications proposal is to create awareness and engage with prospective Libertyville customers online and through mobile platforms. The campaign will stand out to a target audience as few organizations like it exist in Illinois. To ensure consumer contact, paid advertising will target the Libertyville resident demographic specifically. An analysis of paid vs. non-paid posts will on record throughout the campaign.

In the short-term, the fictitious beverage company campaign provides an outline for a name, logo, central website, and social media communication channels (Facebook and Instagram) displaying consistent tone-appropriate digital content to establish brand awareness and engage with consumers. A potentially thriving future online community creates additional opportunities for user interaction and promotional chances. 

In the long-term, the project establishes access to data measuring and reporting tools such as Google analytics for educational purposes and  to engage with users. Data metrics available for DRINK IT! consumer behavior tracking including, but not limited to: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Instagram Analytics, and Email Metrics.

Goals: 1. Implement Campaign 2. Establish Metrics 3. Initiate User Traffic

Campaign Tone

The campaign tone is fun, professional, and community-oriented. The playful color choice of Blue: #1647fb & Pink: #fae3eb in conjunction with professional DRINK IT! logo provides continuity across social media platforms. To bring the hospitality company concept to life, the DRINK IT! digital campaign includes graphic art designed in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Lightroom),, and

WordPress is a fantastic platform to host the DRINK IT! company website. Currently, DRINK IT! operates on a free WordPress site plan. is a service for self-publishing content releasing blogs. Prior to choosing WordPress, trial websites for DRINK IT! are available through Weebly with Google analytics or WordPress with free website Insights.

Objectives for digital communication channels include:

  • Raise Drink It! Brand awareness to the 20,000+ residents of Libertyville, Illinois.
  • Engage with consumers via social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.
URLDescription Website & Blog (Above) Facebook (Below) (Below)
drinkitlibertyville@gmail.comHTML Email (Below)
Drink It! Beverage Company


According to Edison research (2018), “Facebook usage has fallen among social media users in the U.S., but one group is not showing the same decline: moms. Eighty-one percent of U.S. moms use Facebook compared to 61% of the total U.S. population.” Our campaign will highlight Instagram and Facebook to gain followers and being reaching the moms of Libertyville, Illinois.


Instagram is a social networking platform with photo and video-sharing capabilities. Instagram is owned by Facebook and allows the DRINK IT! campaign to control the release of original content, including photos, videos, stories, and microblogs with hashtags (e.g., #DRINKIT!). 

HTML Email

The design of HTML email is complete utilizing and Emails are sent to recipients via Constant Contact. Metrics are available via Constant Contact insights or by adding Google Design builder. Establishing an email provides additional measures to contact and engage with potential brand consumers.


Through analysis of DRINK IT! campaign metrics, we get a better understanding of insights such as reach and potential consumer engagement. Subjective case study of the trial campaign exposes the notion that paid Facebook posts with granular demographic search options provide significantly higher results in several categories, including reach, engagement, and link clicks from target Libertyville residents. 

DRINK IT! utilizes the following reporting tools:

  • Facebook Insights
  • Instagram Insights
  • Google Analytics
  • Constant Contact 

Reflections and Insights

The semester-long COMSTRAT 563 project was challenging and a great exercise in writing, critical thinking, and persuasion talents to practice the promotion of PR and advertising, both in digital and social media outlets. In conjunction with free services such as WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail, additional critical components to campaign success include the use of the following tools: 

  • Apple Macbook Pro (Device)
  • Apple iPhone X (Device)
    • Canva (Web Browser & iOS App)
    • Google Analytics (Web Browser & iOS App) 
    • (HTML website design, Web Browser)
    • Constant Contact (Email services, Analytics – Web Browser & iOS App)

The project was a test of graphic design ability and digital implementation strategy, including the set up of analytics (or metrics) for several communication platforms. Subjectively, the course taught me new ways to track and receive reporting information in real-time with the use of mobile applications and metrics dashboards. Reporting data becomes the knowledge that helps leaders of organizations make important PR decisions. One of my favorite reporting tools from the semester-long exercise includes Google Analytics. Google Analytics is available on a browser or mobile iOS application. Google provides powerful, robust reporting options, and in the future, I recommend WordPress with a paid business plan for Google Analytics plugins.

Concerning social media efforts, Facebook metrics display items such as reach and engagement as significantly increased with monetary investment. In future campaigns, I will budget appropriately for target ads and keep a rigorous schedule for content release abiding by the recommended best practice for content release day/time. Due to schedule complications surrounding Covid-19, delays in campaign content, and release times occur. Reflecting on the mock campaign and pondering future campaign strategy, subjective analysis outlines success involving paid advertising via Facebook and Instagram, to increase overall metrics and brand awareness via WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, HTML email.

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