AWARENESS CAMPAIGN – Ronald McDonald House Charities Inc.

Project Overview

For the final project of COMSTRAT 562, the task is to establish an awareness campaign to support a non-profit or charity of our choice. For this assignment, the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc is the organization of choice.

The following is part of a Final Awareness Project campaign for COMSTRAT 562 as part of the Strategic Communications program at Washington State University. The following, L6A Awareness Campaign P1, introduces research with the ultimate goal of raising charity awareness and increasing donations. The following section will present a research analysis of the following topics: Define the Problem, Preliminary Research, SWOT Analysis, Core Messaging,  and Target Audience Profile.


The Ronald McDonald House Charities was established in 1974. The Ronald McDonald House provides “compassionate care and resources to children and families served by leading hospitals and our programs provide access to quality health care and enable family-centered care, worldwide.” (RMHC, 2019) 

Ronald McDonald House Charities establishments “provide a place to stay for families with hospitalized children under 21 years of age (or 18, depending on the House), who are being treated at nearby hospitals and medical facilities.” (FAQ, 2019)

The goal of the campaign is to inform a Millennial digital audience of the charity and how to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The Ronald McDonald House charity organization provides several communication channels such as:

Physical Resources:

367+ RONALD McDONALD HOUSE (Annual Report, 2018)Our homes are filled with more than help, they’re filled with hope
249+ RONALD McDONALD FAMILY ROOM (Annual Report, 2018)Offering a place to rest and regroup at the hospital
50+ RONALD McDONALD CARE MOBILE (Annual Report, 2018)Providing access to health care where children need it most
RMHC Physical Resources
Central Newsroom ( Transmedia across social media  536,213 volunteers supporting the mission. (Annual Report, 2018) Large Corporate Sponsors (Contributions & Grants Prior year $40,199,906 Current year $144,035,121 (IRS, 2018) “96 Cents of every dollar spent by RMHC Global supported RMHC Programs.” (Annual Report, 2018)Multiple online locations for donation Lack of video content Increase Youtube Awareness (
Opportunities Threats (To Future Donations & Success)
Raise digital awareness of Millennial parents “Around 2.2 billion people use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger every day on average” (Facebook Newsroom, 2019) Increase Participant Family Content Sharing through blog promotion
Any other charitable organization HIPAA
SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

Although a global organization, this campaign will ad target Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana social media users. When children in the local Chicagoland area visit hospitals, Chicago patrons often rely on the Ronald McDonald House to visit their children at no expense. The only way this is possible is through charitable donation. 

For decades the Ronald McDonald Charities have helped families stay together during treatment, often incurring the expense. The Ronald McDonald House organization offers global, national, and local donations. The goal of the campaign is to raise overall awareness and increase donations. 

What messages do they use to create a sense of urgency and need?


Thinking globally, acting locally to provide resources for children and their families. (Mission & Vision, 2019)

Why are they important? Why should people care?

  • According to,
  • Yearly, RMHC serves millions of children and families.
  • RMHC has local Chapters in more than 64 countries and regions around the world.
  • At least one RMHC core program provides care for children and their families being served at 90% of the top children’s hospitals worldwide.

Donations will provide resources for additional Ronald McDonald House solutions. Donations can be made at the following link:

Target  Audience

Choice Segment: Millennial Parents 

Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana 

Donate at:

GEN Y OR THE MILLENNIALS 1981 and 2000 19-38 (in 2019)

Most Millennials will know the Founding Mission Partner, McDonald’s Restaurant.  Campaign goal is to inform of the global campaign and request donations for the Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana chapter.

Millennials care about where they invest. “Millennial parents say where they shop matters, with 44 percent only shopping at brands that reflect their social or political values, a factor cited by only 23 percent of parents from other generations.” (Jacobson, 2019)

Millennials want easy access to information. “More than nine-in-ten Millennials (93% of those who turn ages 23 to 38 this year) own smartphones, compared with 90% of Gen Xers (those ages 39 to 54 this year), 68% of Baby Boomers (ages 55 to 73) and 40% of the Silent Generation (74 to 91), according to a new analysis of a Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults conducted in early 2019.” {Pew Research, 2019) The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness and donations through social media and mobile phone campaign objectives. 

According to Pew Research (2019), “the vast majority of Millennials (86%) say they use social media.” This demographic enjoys streaming content and using mobile phones. “Almost all Millennials (nearly 100%) now say they use the internet, and 19% of them are smartphone-only internet users – that is, they own a smartphone but do not have broadband internet service at home.” The most effective way to reach this demographic is through an online campaign. 


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